Beautiful Portfolio Website with NextJS & ChakraUI



Live Demo on Portfolio Website

After more than 2 months working in React Native, I was roughly understand how React works. Then, an idea came to my mind, why don’t I build myself a personal portfolio? It was a great thing to built to showcase all my skills and even good for presenting myself.

But mobile apps seems a bit burden as not everyone willing to download and install the apps into their phone just to understand your work right? People usually just want a click to reach their destination. Hence, website is my 1st choice!

Tech Stack

  1. NextJS — popular React framework that offers many benefits without complex configuration.
  2. ChakraUI — beautiful and simple UI components library
  3. framer-motion — easy-to-use animation library for React
  4. Spotify Now Playing integration
  5. EmailJS — email service that send email directly with custom template.
  6. Vercel — platform used for deployment

Showcase (Dark Mode)

Here is some of the screenshot for the features.

Of course, with Chakra UI, it is very easy to setup both light & dark mode by using useColorModeValue(). (personally prefer dark mode).

Screenshot (Light Mode)


Also, I tried hard to cater all the screens to be mobile-responsive. Here is some screenshots to show.


It is my 1st time working on web development. My experience was amazing with all these beautiful UI and animation. The challenges I faced was screen size responsive. I work on many different solutions and eventually obtain the best value for each components.

Do give me any feedback if I made any mistakes in this project. But overall, I think it is a good practices for me as a developer and programmer to keep myself passionate on develop something for either myself or the community.

Thanks for your time in reading this. and let’s meet in the next article! 🧀




Android Dev and Kotlin Lover, Currently learning React Native and planning to do more on Mobile Dev 🚀

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Android Dev and Kotlin Lover, Currently learning React Native and planning to do more on Mobile Dev 🚀

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